Who we are, about ‘A Broad Life’

Welcome to A Broad Life! My name is Summer and here’s a picture of our little fam; finally making it to Paris! Between my husband and I, we’ve experienced living abroad in about 8 different countries, and have gotten to explore so many more! We love travel, hiking, coffee, and people! But when we step back to look at how full our lives have been so far, one thing is clear to us: It’s not the adventures that have made our lives so full.

In fact, every experience we reflect on seems basically empty when we picture it without one key element: the Creator of adventure Himself! We can trace every full moment back to the One who gave us our lives to begin with. We are hoping that as you trek with us, you will be inspired to invite God more into your daily life, believing that He has good things in store for you!

The God who came that we might have life, and have it to the full.

On this website we hope to encourage you through blogs, poetry and videos.